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Five Myths about Weight Loss Pills Revealed

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When you’re trying to reduce your weight, you tend to believe everything, starting from the little tips you derive from the fitness freaks around you. But when you get tired of giving up those yummy carbohydrates, tired of providing yourself with an extensive work out, sick of following a healthy diet routine you resort what we call the oh-so-famous weight loss pills.

Just to not follow up with the two most essential aspects of weight loss: balanced diet and routine work out, we resort to these measures. Many experts say a lot of good and bad things about these pills. You may take them as supplements but that doesn’t mean you leave out the important things. It is every individual’s dream to get what they want without really working for it i.e. weight loss by just popping a pill. But that isn’t how life really works.

A representative of the American Dietetic Association said that everyone is looking for the ‘magic pill’ but what they don’t realize is how this so-called pill is not for real. Let’s have a look at the top five myths pertaining to dieting supplements.

We’re sure that once you’ve read and understood them there’s nothing that can stop you from taking on the right journey to fitness.

  • Myth: Hoodia (African herb) helps you put down your appetite

Fact: Whether or not this herb helps us cut out dinner and save up on those extra chunk of calories, we can’t really be sure about it. Yet, scientific proof has been derived regarding the superpowers of the herb. It is said to kill your appetite especially for those who are taking on long routes in the desert. It is present in a compound known as P57. It has been tried and tested on animals. The species who had this compound injected in their brains ate less, but it is also true that its not necessary that this would have the same effect on humans indulging in hoodia capsules. It hasn’t been looked into in detail which is the reason why we can’t draw any conclusions regarding its effects.

  • Myth: Controlling my diet and working out are the least of my concern if I’m on weight loss supplements

Fact: Realistically speaking, every supplement carries instructions which emphasize the fact that you need to work out and control your diet along with these pills. Taking diet supplements into consideration, they are supposed to be considered as an extra boost to dieting and working out. Just to speed up the process.

Experts also say that it has some serious consequences; side effects in other words. It does not allow your gut to absorb some of the fat you consume. As a result, people prescribed to pills of dieting should really consider changing their diet routines. Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss

  • Myth: Supplements linked to green tea burn fat really quick

Fact: These supplement may or may not promote weight loss. There is no hard and fast rule that they would and that is one thing everyone needs to get straight. Whether you drink the tea or take the supplement, there is no evidence that shows it encourages significant or long lasting weight reduction. Experts say that green tea is rich in caffeine because of which your weight loss is stimulated. An element which provides you with energy will obviously encourage you to move around and hence lose weight. Caution: Caffeine sensitive individuals should not take such supplements as they can impact the heart flow and distort sleeping patterns.

  • Myth: Safe to have just because its in the store

Fact: That is not true at all! Many individuals aren’t aware of the fact that these supplements aren’t tried and tested in the United States before they reach the pharmacies. What makes you think that it would be the same in other parts of the world? Its really not. Americans also think that if these products were tested then they wouldn’t make it to the shelves in the first place.

There is also an ongoing case about supplements which are shaded with laxatives that are not supposed to be in these medications. Studies show that fifty-four percent of individuals who use these pills think (wrongly so) that they are approved by the government. All weight loss pills are not.

  • Myth: Herbal weight loss medication has no negative aspects

Fact: There is always a price to pay. There can be side effects and if you think otherwise you’re mistaken. If you want to try natural supplements, then you’d rather just focus on your diet intake. Conjugated linoleic acid is very popular amongst weight loss supplements as is widely used but at the same time little research has been conducted regarding its effectiveness and side effects would be there.

A balanced diet and good workout routine is what it takes!