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Common effects, Pros and Cons of Smart Drugs Unleashed!

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Nootropics or cognitive enhancers are not new in the market. They have been in use since ancient times as part of traditional medicine. However, the first nootropics were used in the 1960’s to treat motion sickness and it was in the 1970’s that their memory-enhancing effects were properly discovered.

The nootropics are said to improve brain function and health by increasing cerebral blood flow and affecting acetylcholine release in the pre-frontal cortex.

The greater the cerebral blood flow, the greater the amount of oxygen and ATP delivered to the brain and better the brain functions.

A recent research revealed how the usage of nootropics amongst students has increased and it is believed to be due to its memory-enhancing and concentration-increasing effects!

Let’s take a detailed look at how nootropics work while also judging how  advantageous and disadvantages they are for everyone!

Nootropics and Their Effects

So let’s clear one thing about nootropics! Nootropics are of different types and they all work differently. However, at the core, they all achieve their positive effects by affecting neurotransmitter release, by increasing cerebral blood flow and by optimizing transmission between neurons in different parts of the brain.

Principally, this is how the nootropics work and how they create their desired effects.

  1. Nootropics are well-known to increase blood flow to the brain. An increase in blood flow is associated with an increase in oxygen and nutrients delivery to the brain. This in turn has been related to an increase in overall brain energy, alertness and focus. Furthermore, nootropics also cause an increase in glucose metabolism and we all know that oxygen and glucose are the main sources of energy for our brain.
  1. Nootropics are also responsible for increasing the release of neurotransmitters in the brain: Including acetylcholine, glutamate, dopamine and serotonin.

Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory, decision-making, focus and learning. Glutamate, on the other hand, is important for the overall brain health and dopamine and serotonin are important for positively affecting our mood, memory and our ability to focus.

  1. Nootropics are well-known to positively alter the synapses and create a better link. Our ability to recall memories and retrieve information depends on how our brain synapses are connected. Better synapses mean that your ability to recall and retrieve memories is better. Nootropics also help in building new synapses, in addition to repairing the damaged neurons of the brain.

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Pros of Using Nootropics
Now that we know how the nootropics work, let us take a look at the benefits/ pros of using nootropics!

  • What you wouldn’t do to have a perfect memory! For both elderly and young adults, ability to recall and retrieve information is important. Nootropics do exactly that and help in improving your memory. Nootropics have, for this reason, gained popularity amongst students. From a student’s point of view, this is a win-win situation!
  • Focusing on a task for a longer period of time can be daunting, even for the most patient and perseverant people. Nootropics help in improving focus and concentration. The more focused you are on a task, the better will be your ability to recall things.
  • Nootropics are well-known to reduce anxiety and stress. An additional benefit is that they actually uplift your mood! What is better than an uplifted mood to start your day with!
  • Nootropics reduce brain fatigue and allow the user to work for longer and more efficiently. They do so by blocking receptors in the brain.
  • Nootropics can also increase general reasoning skill and improve creativity, when it comes to problem solving.

Cons of Using Nootropics

There is a general belief that nootropics are not harmful or that they are non-toxic. It may hold true to some extent, but in reality, nootropics do come with their set of side-effects, albeit milder side-effects!

  • Nootropic use has been associated with headaches. The reason is attributed to increased demands of acetylcholine by the brain. There is synaptic over-excitement that leads to headaches. However, this side effect is easy to counteract by adding a quality source of Choline to your daily routine.
  • An excess of nootropics can be little hard on the intestinal system and can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even mild abdominal pain. If this happens, cut back on your dose.
  • Nootropics are well-known to increase energy, but they may also cause insomnia and resultant fatigue. This especially holds true, if you take your nootropics closer to bed time. In order to avoid this, try to time your dose so that you get a restful sleep and don’t get up feeling fatigued.
  • Some rare side-effects include restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression, rashes and even increased blood pressure.

Nootropics are Just like Any Other Drug.

Educate Yourself About its Pros and Cons and Remember Moderation is The Key!