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Common effects, Pros and Cons of Smart Drugs Unleashed!

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Nootropics or cognitive enhancers are not new in the market. They have been in use since ancient times as part of traditional medicine. However, the first nootropics were used in the 1960’s to treat motion sickness and it was in the 1970’s that their memory-enhancing effects were properly discovered.

The nootropics are said to improve brain function and health by increasing cerebral blood flow and affecting acetylcholine release in the pre-frontal cortex.

The greater the cerebral blood flow, the greater the amount of oxygen and ATP delivered to the brain and better the brain functions.

A recent research revealed how the usage of nootropics amongst students has increased and it is believed to be due to its memory-enhancing and concentration-increasing effects!

Let’s take a detailed look at how nootropics work while also judging how  advantageous and disadvantages they are for everyone!

Nootropics and Their Effects

So let’s clear one thing about nootropics! Nootropics are of different types and they all work differently. However, at the core, they all achieve their positive effects by affecting neurotransmitter release, by increasing cerebral blood flow and by optimizing transmission between neurons in different parts of the brain.

Principally, this is how the nootropics work and how they create their desired effects.

  1. Nootropics are well-known to increase blood flow to the brain. An increase in blood flow is associated with an increase in oxygen and nutrients delivery to the brain. This in turn has been related to an increase in overall brain energy, alertness and focus. Furthermore, nootropics also cause an increase in glucose metabolism and we all know that oxygen and glucose are the main sources of energy for our brain.
  1. Nootropics are also responsible for increasing the release of neurotransmitters in the brain: Including acetylcholine, glutamate, dopamine and serotonin.

Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that plays a role in memory, decision-making, focus and learning. Glutamate, on the other hand, is important for the overall brain health and dopamine and serotonin are important for positively affecting our mood, memory and our ability to focus.

  1. Nootropics are well-known to positively alter the synapses and create a better link. Our ability to recall memories and retrieve information depends on how our brain synapses are connected. Better synapses mean that your ability to recall and retrieve memories is better. Nootropics also help in building new synapses, in addition to repairing the damaged neurons of the brain.

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Pros of Using Nootropics
Now that we know how the nootropics work, let us take a look at the benefits/ pros of using nootropics!

  • What you wouldn’t do to have a perfect memory! For both elderly and young adults, ability to recall and retrieve information is important. Nootropics do exactly that and help in improving your memory. Nootropics have, for this reason, gained popularity amongst students. From a student’s point of view, this is a win-win situation!
  • Focusing on a task for a longer period of time can be daunting, even for the most patient and perseverant people. Nootropics help in improving focus and concentration. The more focused you are on a task, the better will be your ability to recall things.
  • Nootropics are well-known to reduce anxiety and stress. An additional benefit is that they actually uplift your mood! What is better than an uplifted mood to start your day with!
  • Nootropics reduce brain fatigue and allow the user to work for longer and more efficiently. They do so by blocking receptors in the brain.
  • Nootropics can also increase general reasoning skill and improve creativity, when it comes to problem solving.

Cons of Using Nootropics

There is a general belief that nootropics are not harmful or that they are non-toxic. It may hold true to some extent, but in reality, nootropics do come with their set of side-effects, albeit milder side-effects!

  • Nootropic use has been associated with headaches. The reason is attributed to increased demands of acetylcholine by the brain. There is synaptic over-excitement that leads to headaches. However, this side effect is easy to counteract by adding a quality source of Choline to your daily routine.
  • An excess of nootropics can be little hard on the intestinal system and can lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even mild abdominal pain. If this happens, cut back on your dose.
  • Nootropics are well-known to increase energy, but they may also cause insomnia and resultant fatigue. This especially holds true, if you take your nootropics closer to bed time. In order to avoid this, try to time your dose so that you get a restful sleep and don’t get up feeling fatigued.
  • Some rare side-effects include restlessness, nervousness, anxiety, depression, rashes and even increased blood pressure.

Nootropics are Just like Any Other Drug.

Educate Yourself About its Pros and Cons and Remember Moderation is The Key!

8 Natural Substances Which Aid Weight Loss Like None Other

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Losing weight is an uphill task whether you want to lose 10 pounds or simply 2. While we need to adhere to strict workout regimes, healthy eating habits or resort to diet pills, all of these might seem like a hell lot of a job!

If you feel you are a person who cannot follow either, dive in for these natural most substances which you can find in your kitchen cabinet easily and make the most of, if losing weight is in question.

Green Tea

Green tea can be found at everyone’s home! While it may seem like an after dinner drink, the lesser known facts are that if you drink up to 5 mugs of green tea in a day, you can lose up to 5 pounds in 2 months. However, you will need to stay consistent.

While the warm green tea will help soothe you from the inside, it will also eliminate heart burn, hiccups and other stomach problems. Green tea is ideal for revving up the metabolism and it is a natural fat burner.
Moreover, green tea is a detoxifying drink which helps remove all sorts of toxins from the body like no other drink.

Chilies of all Kind

Craving for something spicy? Good. Not only will this satisfy your taste buds but will also help you lose weight quickly. Wondering how? Since most chilies have capsaicin, they help rev up the metabolism and burn fat swiftly.
If you are in search of the ideal chilies, settle for capsicum, red chilies, green chilies, red chili flakes, etc.

Honey and Lemon

While honey is the natural cure for most of the health problems, it is also ideal for weight loss. As for lemon, since it is full of vitamin C, it makes up for the lost immunity and fights against foreign infections and common allergies.
When both of these ingredients are mixed together, they can boost the weight loss process by high levels.
For the spot on trick, simply mix 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 whole lemon in Luke warm water and drink this mixture early morning on an empty stomach.  This drink will act as a natural weight loss agent.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be found at home effortlessly. While it may only seem like a salad dresser or an ingredient for common marinating, there is however more to it. Not only can apple cider help curb appetite or moreover, suppress it completely, it can also boost the metabolic rate and help digest food swiftly and smoothly. Just by drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a plain glass of water before and after meals, you can notice how the sour tasting ingredient revs your weight reduction journey!


Ever wondered why cabbage is always the main ingredient in a diet salad bowl? This is because cabbage has the ability to burn fat from stubborn areas such as thighs, arms and belly. By simply eating a bowl full of cabbage daily, you can lose weight within weeks. This veggie will keep you full for long while adding the least to the calorie count!


Eggs are ideal for breakfast not only because of their protein content but also because they are filling and low in calories. Eat boiled eggs for breakfast daily and lose weight naturally.

Plain Aqua!

Ever thought of losing weight by just drinking water? Since water has electrolytes, it is ideal for weight loss and is a natural antioxidant. Since it can flush out toxins from the body, it is also great for skin, hair and nails.
Drinking up to 10 glasses of water a day can help satisfy your appetite while enabling the weight loss process by a mile!


Calcium can be found in milk, cheese, salmon, etc. Whereas people believe calcium is only ideal for bones and nails, however this is not the case. Did you know calcium has an important role to play when weight loss is in question? Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss
Calcium signals the body that since nutrients are being provided from outer sources, the body need not store more in the form of fats. See? When you won’t store more fat, you will get slim naturally.

Diet Pills

Ever thought of eating diet supplements to boost the weight reduction process? Not only is this ideal but it is highly safe and tested. While no one can guarantee for all diet supplements available in the market, however there are some which have a well reputed image as they have been approved by the FDA for daily usage.

While these pills might be the answer, nonetheless, they cannot be consumed by minors under 18 years of age or by breastfeeding mothers.

Add these simply home ingredients in your daily diet and welcome weight loss with open arms!

Facing problems with your thing? Try these simple tips to enlarge your penis

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Sex is a gesture simply irresistible and usage of right tools can make it more pleasurable. The perfectly size penis can make sex even more fun. Sex is all about strong erections, powerful orgasms and longer time.

Some men are a pro at giving pleasure to women while others find it hard because of their smaller penis. So what should guys with smaller penis do? They try to hide behind their clothes and avoid sex. But they don’t realize doing so is no permanent solution. There are solutions available for curved penis, pre-mature ejaculation and even small dong but guys must first have the confidence to address such problems rather than ignoring it.

Enlarging a penis naturally may take some time but with the right tricks and techniques wonderful results can be achieved. Here are a few tricks that can help you with your manhood problem:

  • Know your food

In a time when everyone is curious about what to eat and what not do, getting to know the nutritional value of your food is important. These God created, natural food items like fruits and vegetable contain the right amount of nutrients that your body needs for proper functioning.

The better your eating habits are the healthier you become. You feel more energized and develop stronger stamina which of course helps you in bed. With an increased libido, sex will be crazy so make sure you fill your body with the right fuel.

  • Wear clothes that fit perfectly

Also wear clothes and undergarments that fit perfectly. Neither should they be too lose nor too tight. Tight underwear will stop your penis’s growth because the cells in that area won’t get the right amount of oxygen to expand. Similarly with lose pants, your dong will grow un-proportionally leaving you with a weird looking thing that can be quite embarrassing. So whenever you go for some shopping, try clothes on before purchasing them just to make sure that you penis gets its space to grow.

  • Jes extender: A revolutionary tool

This tool is one of a kind that has a history of given some amazing results to men who have been desperate to get a bigger penis. a simple and easy device to use, Jes Extender has been designed to cater all of your manhood problems including pre-mature ejaculation, curved penis and a small dong.

Just place your penis between the metal rods and secure it in its place with a band. Twist the rods and feel the building up of pressure. Start with little intensity and with the passage of time increase the pressure. This pressure will force the cells that make up the penis to expand naturally and even help in treating curvature issues.

  • Workout, workout and workout!

It is totally understandable with so much work on your shoulders, it is difficult to take out time for exercise but if you want to increase your sex drive and enhance your penis’s size, make room for some workout in your tight schedule.

Workouts are best way to release stress and channel out all the negativity. It enhances the function of your brain and improves the blood circulation. A fresh mind will increase the production of sex hormones in your body which will not just help in increasing the size of your dong but also make you crave for more and more sex. Plus with improved stamina, your timing will also improve so now you can bang you lady love all night long. SizeGenetics Review

  • Pills and supplements

There are many over the counter pills and supplements available that promise their users to give them 100% results. These products are formulated with carefully formulated ingredients that help you in enhancing the size of your penis, improve your timing and increase your endurance so that you can enjoy sex to the fullest.

  • Surgeries for penis enhancement

If somehow nothing works for you in getting the desired results, enhancement surgery is the only way that will give you quick and satisfying results. An experienced surgeon carries out the surgical process that focuses on increasing the size of the penis by using the right tools and equipments. The process may be costly with a long recovery time, but the results are simple wonderful. Such methods can help you get a large penis that seemed like a dream to you.

  • Conclusion

Even if you are amongst those unfortunate people who suffer from pre-mature ejaculation or other problems, there are various ways that can help you in enlarging your dong. One of the most effective devices is Jes Extender that focuses on improving the size and curvature of your penis so that you can rebuild your bedroom confidence once again.